We help grow businesses with digital marketing. Why wait any longer? The sooner you jump aboard the quicker your website can reach its full potential and convert customers!

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Australia’s #1 SEO Company Melbourne


We help grow businesses with digital marketing. Why wait any longer? The sooner you jump aboard the quicker your website can reach its full potential and convert customers.

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Taking a personalised approach for each business is something that we pride ourselves in. In order to gauge individualistic needs and requirements, we meet with you in person to discuss all the digital marketing strategies that we can implement to your website.

What makes us different from the rest? We listen to what YOU want. Your business goals and values are identified from the very beginning of the process.

The strategies and processes we implement on your website are done so because we believe that this will truly work for you.







We think outside the box!
We take the conventional SEO methods and digital marketing and then we come up with new and innovative ways to ensure we can deliver on your site's performance.
We believe in open communication and transparency.
We deliver on our promises and we stand by our services.
Your success is our success!

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We listen, we create, we communicate, we deliver, you gain!


Help Create Your Offer

We don’t just want to drive traffic to your website but we want your customers to park themselves there permanently!   By discussing your goals, target market, and your business needs we help you to create an offer that is as the saying goes ‘too good to refuse”.


Apply On All Platforms

By helping our customers look at platforms available to them we discuss the short and long term benefits of each platform including SEO, Google Ad words and Facebook ads.  We understand what works for one business may not work for another so our campaigns are personalised to meet your needs.


Build Your Landing Page

Our experienced team build landing pages relevant to your business utilising content and design whilst meeting Search engine optimisation.  That way your target audience is guaranteed a smooth landing without the turbulence.


Report Success To Client

We provide deliverables that are measurable so we can provide a detailed analytic report month to month about the progression of your success.  What makes our reporting different is that we cut out the jargon by providing the facts and legible information. 


What makes us different from the rest? We listen to what YOU want. Your business goals and values are identified from the very beginning of the process. The strategies and processes we implement on your website are done so because we believe that this will truly work for you.



Increasing the visibility of your website will ensure that a greater quantity of users will be able to access your services



The task involves identifying key phrases and words that people continually look for in search engines.


Social Media Marketing

The use of social media platforms to raise brand awareness, increase connectivity with you client



Allows your advertisement to be shown to users who are searching for the specific keywords selected.

Digital Marketing Agency Sunshine Coast

Are you looking for a digital marketing agency Sunshine Coast? Results Media digital marketing agency Sunshine Coast is a specialist in digital marketing, SEO, and PPC. We have a team of Digital Marketing experts who will work with you to find the best solutions for your business. We are a team of experts who know how to use different digital marketing channels, including SEO, social media advertising, email marketing, Pay Per Click Advertising, and many others. 

How To Find Digital Marketing Expert

Digital marketing is all about digital and traditional marketing. digital marketing agencies deal with digital and social media, eCommerce websites, reputation management, search engine optimization (SEO), and online advertising.

Needed skills for digital marketers as well as any other digital expert:

  • The ability to think visually - the best designers construct ideas in their minds first before moving on to their chosen medium
  • Digital marketing agencies are not that easy to find - therefore, digital marketers should take their time when looking for the best digital marketing expert/agency.
  • How long have they been in business? - If less than five years you might want to consider someone else because there is no track record of success and failure under which you can make your decision.
  • What services does the company offer beyond online campaigns in terms of product or service offerings? You may be able to get more value by partnering with another specialist who offers complimentary expertise rather than one firm trying to do everything on its own.

How Digital Marketing Agency Helps You

Results Media, digital agency Sunshine Coast can be thought of as passive or active, depending on how they interact with you and your team.

  1. a)Passive digital marketing agencies typically send campaign reports once a month summarizing website traffic and other metrics for each channel over the previous month, but rarely offer any analysis beyond this type of reporting. If you are looking for someone who will just manage campaigns without much communication then go ahead.
  2. b)Active digital marketers act like consultants; they proactively reach out via email, phone calls, or even in-person offering insights into strategies that help digital marketers grow their business through better performance online. This is because effective communication is key for digital marketing.

Results Media: Digital Marketing Agency Sunshine Coast

Results Media is the best digital marketing agency Queensland has to offer. We provide digital marketing services, digital strategy, SEO, and online marketing solutions tailored for your individual needs. Our digital team can help you find your target audience with our high-quality digital content creation services. All of our digital campaigns are broken down into manageable tasks so that they’re easily executed on time and within budget.

We provide digital strategy consulting for digital communication goals, using a comprehensive approach that includes all digital channels and tools available including SEO/SEM & website development amongst other areas. Our team of publicists will create a complete online & digital media strategy tailored specifically to meet our client's needs from social strategies and press releases to blogger outreach, email blasts, and influencer partnerships.

We hope our guide to digital agencies has helped you understand what digital marketers do, how they fit into the bigger picture of digital strategy, and where/how to find one that's right for your business. 

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Reliable Agency







Having a good web presence will help your business reach more new users and prospect customers all the while increasing your contact with your existing customers. Most people rely on the web in looking for a service or product they’d like to avail themselves of through the use of search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Some even make use of social media sites or online business directories. The more places your business has a presence, the more likely it’ll be found.

The more times and places your business appears online and is found by users, the more you become familiar for them. Your growing online presence will help you establish authority and develop trust for customers and prospects.

Businesses need SEO as it is the most cost-effective way to understand their customers and reach them. It’s an essential part of a business’ marketing and sales strategy.

With the advances of technology and most people being reliant on the Internet for answers to what they’re looking for, having a good online presence have become increasingly important. That’s where SEO comes into the picture as it improves overall searchability and visibility. 

Here are a few  reasons why you need to include SEO in your marketing and sales strategy:
1. It builds trust and credibility.
2. Helps you understand the voice of your consumer.
3. It improves the user experience.
4. It helps increase engagement, traffic and conversions.

  1. It helps you understand the environment of the web.

Some businesses often forget that the most fundamental principle of marketing is about supply and demand. A problem faced by your customer creates the demand for your product or service. Your ability to show that you can supply solutions to their problem forms the foundation of relevance.
It is vital for businesses to achieve relevancy. The best way to achieve relevancy is to create high-quality content that is relevant to your business. Here are a few tips for your content:

  1. Start with a customer persona.
    2. Understand user intent.
  2. Make use of keywords.
  3. Do SEO.
  4. Solve a problem.
  5. Make sure your content is timely.

If your website is indexed by Google, it will show on the search results but definitely not on the top results of the keywords you intend to rank for. In some cases, their website cannot be found on Google at all. This may be due to these reasons:

  1. Your website is not yet indexed by Google.
  2. Your website is still very new.
  3. Your website has “no index” tags.
  4. It‘s not optimized for search engine crawling.

Each business is different. You should take the time to understand your goals in order for you to know which parts of SEO you should focus on, where to track conversion and set benchmarks.

SEO may not fully replace paid advertising but it’s an essential component of a good marketing strategy. One of the primary results of SEO is that it increases your visibility in the organic search result. It also increases your traffic and rankings which you can leverage to further increase and maximize your SEO ROI.

High traffic may sound good enough but with SEO, you are attracting the right audience - your target customer, potential customers and even existing customers. These types of audiences could potentially yield higher revenues and profits.

Every business may see results on different timelines. There are a lot of variables that may affect the optimization of your website. On average, it takes about 6 to 12  months to start seeing your SEO results. But this is just the beginning, with continuous SEO efforts, it will continue to grow.


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