107 Leads from @ $3 a pop for Janette Osvay


Facebook Ads



107 Leads from Facebook Ads & Google Ads


The Challenge

Janette Osvay had a lead generation problem – “Facebook Ads doesn’t work” she said. Results Media came in and delivered leads @ $3.87 (cheaper than a Mcdonalds Ice-cream.

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Client Background

Janette Osvay Photography, located in Pymble, NSW, specializes in maternity, baby, family portraiture, and more. With over 15 years of experience, the studio offers exclusive and personalized sessions in a friendly environment, capturing beautiful images that clients treasure.

Problem Statement

Even with a strong commitment to excellence, Janette Osvay Photography faces significant challenges in a competitive market. Despite a dedicated focus on delivering stunning, heartfelt photos and personalized experiences, maintaining a steady stream of clients remains difficult.

To overcome these challenges, Janette Osvay Photography aims to elevate their online visibility, drive more traffic to their website, and boost bookings by engaging thoughtfully with clients and fostering long-term relationships.

Strategy and Execution

Target Audience

Janette Osvay Photography’s Facebook Ads campaign is strategically designed to target key demographic groups who are most likely to benefit from our high-quality portrait services. By focusing on specific life stages and interests, we aim to connect with those seeking exceptional photography experiences in Sydney and its surrounding areas. 

  • Expecting Families

    Expecting families are a core segment for our maternity photography services. This group includes soon-to-be parents who want to capture the unique and fleeting moments of pregnancy.

  • New Parents
    New parents often seek professional photography to document the early stages of their child’s life. This segment is interested in newborn and infant photography.

  • Individuals Seeking High-Quality Portrait Services
    This broader group includes individuals and families interested in professional portrait photography for various occasions, such as family portraits, milestones, and personal branding.

Creative Development

Utilized Janette’s portfolio to create visually appealing ads that showcase the studio’s unique ability to capture and immortalize significant family milestones.

Ads Creative for Facebook Ads

Campaign Channels

Leveraged Facebook for its community-driven platform, perfect for reaching families and individuals celebrating life events.

A/B Testing and Optimization

Ran multiple ad variations to identify the highest-performing creative elements and messaging, refining target demographics and ad placements based on performance data.

Retargeting Campaigns

Implemented retargeting strategies on both platforms to engage potential clients who showed interest but did not initially book.

Landing Page & Offers

Offer ads on Facebook provide discounts or promotions to attract new customers, boost sales, and increase brand awareness. They’re cost-effective, measurable, and can drive both online and in-store traffic effectively.

  • Free Maternity Session

  • Book Newborn Session for $250 and Get Free Maternity Shoot

Results Achieved

Our recent Facebook Ads campaign for Janette Osvay Photography demonstrated a successful execution of our strategic marketing efforts. The campaign was designed to enhance brand visibility, engage with potential clients, and generate leads. Below, we summarize the key metrics and outcomes from the campaign, highlighting the effective elements and the overall impact on our marketing goals.

Key Metrics

  • Total Ad Sets: 5
  • Total Results (On-Facebook Leads): 107
  • Total Reach: 9,122
  • Total Impressions: 34,226
  • Average Cost per Result: $3.87
  • Total Amount Spent: $413.76


    • Effective Lead Generation: The campaign generated a total of 107 leads, demonstrating strong engagement with our target audience.
    • Cost Efficiency: The average cost per lead was $3.87, reflecting cost-effective strategies in our ad placements and targeting.
    • High Reach and Impressions: With a reach of 9,122 and a total of 34,226 impressions, the ads successfully enhanced brand visibility among potential clients.
    • Top Performing Ad Sets: The ‘BROAD’ and ‘NEWBORN’ ad sets were particularly effective, generating the highest number of leads (37 and 34 respectively) at a low cost per result ($4.20 and $3.19).


The Facebook Ads campaign for Janette Osvay Photography was a resounding success, driving significant engagement and lead generation at a cost-effective rate. Moving forward, we will continue to refine our targeting and creative strategies, building on the momentum generated by this campaign to further enhance our online presence and client acquisition efforts.

Key Highlights:

  • Boosted Bookings: We observed a marked increase in booking inquiries and confirmed photo sessions, demonstrating the campaign’s effectiveness in converting interest into action. This uptick in bookings underscores the power of strategic targeting and compelling ad creatives in driving tangible business outcomes.

  • ROI: The campaign delivered a positive return on investment, highlighting the cost-effectiveness of our targeted digital marketing efforts. By reaching and engaging Janette Osvay Photography’s ideal clientele, we maximized the efficiency of our ad spend and achieved substantial value from our marketing investments.

By continuing to focus on these successful strategies, we aim to further solidify Janette Osvay Photography’s market position, attract new clients, and foster lasting relationships with existing customers.

Are you ready to transform your online presence and drive your business forward? Contact us today to explore how our digital marketing expertise can help you achieve remarkable results!

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