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Mel Cieslik Photography offers a range of photography services that focus on capturing the intimate and precious moments of maternity and newborn life. 

Specialising in natural light and relaxed settings, Mel provides maternity photography sessions that highlight the beauty of pregnancy, as well as newborn photography that emphasises unique details such as hands, feet, lips, and toes. 

Additionally, her family photography sessions capture the genuine connections and interactions among family members.

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Client Background

Mel Cieslik Photography specialises in capturing the precious moments of maternity and newborn life in Perth. With a focus on natural light and relaxed settings, Mel Cieslik aims to create photographs that evoke the same emotions as the day they were taken. From the natural laughter to the quiet cuddles, Mel’s work highlights the unique details that make each session special and memorable. Whether you prefer a naturally posed session or a more casual lifestyle shoot, Mel ensures that the experience is both relaxing and enjoyable. With a commitment to quality and a passion for photography, Mel Cieslik Photography offers a range of packages to capture the smiles, chubby thighs, and all the little details that make your newborn unique

Problem Statement

Even with a strong commitment to excellence, Mel Cieslik Photography faces big challenges in a tough market. Despite their focus on delivering beautiful, heartfelt photos and personalized experiences, keeping a steady stream of clients is hard. This competitive environment needs ongoing creativity and smart marketing to stand out and keep clients coming back.

To overcome these challenges, Mel Cieslik Photography aims to boost their online presence, get more traffic to their website, and increase bookings. By engaging thoughtfully with clients and building long-term relationships, they strive to create a steady customer base.

Solution Provided

In an effort to expand our reach and connect with potential clients, we launched a series of digital marketing campaigns for Mel Cieslik Photography. Our primary objective was to attract customers who are seeking to capture their special moments through high-quality photography services. We employed a dual-channel approach, utilizing both Facebook Ads and Google Ads to maximize our visibility and engagement.

  • Facebook Ads targeting customers looking for an opportunity to capture their special moments with a premium photography package at discounted rates.
  • Google Ads campaigns focusing on keywords related to Mel Cieslik Photography’s core services, ensuring visibility among users seeking high-quality newborn, maternity, and family photography experiences.

Implementation Process

A/B Testing

Conducted A/B tests to refine ad copy, imagery, and call-to-actions (CTAs), ensuring the highest engagement and conversion rates.

Retargeting Strategies

Implemented sophisticated retargeting campaigns to capture the interest of website visitors who did not initially book, encouraging them to revisit and schedule a session.

Landing Pages

The landing page we built for Mel Cieslik Photography highlights the quality of the photography, provide clear and actionable steps for potential clients, and offer all necessary information in an easily accessible and visually appealing format. By focusing on these elements, her landing page can effectively attract and convert visitors into clients.


Offer ads on Facebook provide discounts to attract new customers, boost sales, and increase brand awareness. They’re cost-effective, measurable, and can drive both online and in-store traffic effectively.

  • Exclusive price of $395 which includes a premium experience.
  • A 90-Minute natural light studio session.
  • 5 high resolution digital images.
  • Professional retouching

Facebook Ads Creatives

Crafting compelling ads for Mel Cieslik Photography involves a meticulous blend of artistic flair and strategic insight. Our approach focuses on creating visually appealing content with persuasive messaging, tailored to resonate with our audience’s preferences. By incorporating consumer psychology and staying attuned to market dynamics, we ensure that our ads effectively capture attention and drive meaningful engagement.

Facebook Ads Results

Overall, the Facebook ad campaign for Mel Cieslik was highly successful, generating significant reach, engagement, and interaction at a reasonable cost. These metrics highlight the effectiveness of the campaign in achieving its objectives and engaging with the target audience.


  • High Reach and Frequency: The ads were seen by a wide audience, multiple times, ensuring the message was reinforced. This frequency helps in embedding the campaign’s message in the audience’s mind.
  • Effective Engagement: With a CTR of 2.61% and a CPC of $0.50, the campaign was both engaging and cost-efficient. This indicates that the ads were well-targeted and appealing to the audience, prompting them to click.
  • Direct Customer Interaction: Initiating 65 messaging conversations indicates a strong interest and potential for conversions. This level of interaction suggests that the campaign successfully attracted potential customers who were interested in engaging further.

Facebook Ads Leads

The Facebook ad campaign for Mel Cieslik Photography yielded noteworthy results, emphasizing efficiency and reach:

  • Total Results: The campaign generated 62 on-Facebook leads, demonstrating strong engagement and interest from the target audience.
  • Total Reach: The ads reached 11,784 unique individuals, effectively broadening the exposure of Mel Cieslik Photography to a substantial audience.
  • Total Impressions: There were 56,183 impressions, indicating that each individual saw the ad multiple times, with the frequency helping to reinforce the message.

$2500+ spent, 177 leads @ $12 a pop. 😉

Google Ads

Our Google Ads campaign for Mel Cieslik Photography is strategically tailored to resonate with potential clients seeking premium photography services. By crafting personalized ad copies and selecting relevant keywords, we aim to amplify the brand’s online presence and attract qualified leads.

Google Ad Result

Our Google Ads campaign for April 2024 has yielded encouraging results, showcasing our strategic success in several key areas. Over the course of the month, we achieved a total of 65 clicks, reflecting a consistent level of engagement from our targeted audience. This indicates that our ad creatives and keywords are resonating well, driving users to take action and visit our site.

Key performance metrics:

  • Clicks: 65
  • Impressions: 954
  • Average CPC: $7.07

Overall, the April 2024 Google Ads campaign has laid a strong foundation for future growth, with meaningful interactions and considerable reach. We can build on this momentum by analyzing the data further to refine our strategies and enhance our results in subsequent campaigns.

Google Ad Keywords

For Mel Cieslik Photography, our Google Ads strategy revolves around meticulous keyword curation to maximize effectiveness. We prioritize selecting keywords that resonate with our target audience, ensuring our ads appear in relevant searches. 

Our approach balances broad exposure with specificity, aiming for optimal visibility and conversion rates. This emphasis on precise keyword selection underscores our commitment to driving meaningful traffic and generating leads for Mel Cieslik Photography. It showcases the strategic thinking behind our advertising efforts, emphasizing the importance of aligning keywords with the brand’s identity and objectives.

Some keywords used:

  • “newborn photography perth”
  • “family photographer perth”
  • “maternity photographer perth”
  • “perth maternity photos”
  • “perth newborn photographer”

Results Achieved

In less than a month, our targeted digital marketing initiatives have already begun yielding results for Mel Cieslik Photography:

I. A 16% increase in website traffic during the first month of the campaign.



II. 17% increase in Organic Keywords

In reviewing the SEO performance from March to May 2024, we observe a notable positive trend in keyword rankings and overall search engine presence. Specifically, there is an encouraging increase in the number of keywords ranking within the top three positions on search engine results pages (SERPs). In March 2024, there were 5 keywords in the top three, which increased to 8 by May 2024. This improvement signifies enhanced visibility for high-priority keywords, likely driving more organic traffic.

Moreover, there was a slight increase in the total number of keywords tracked, from 75 in March to 88 in May. This growth reflects a broader footprint and the potential to attract a more diverse audience. While the number of keywords in positions 4-10 decreased from 7 to 4, this can be seen as a redistribution with more keywords moving into the top three.

III. The generation of 172 leads via Facebook Ads and a number in Google Ads.

Lessons Learned

  • Impact of Consistency: Consistent and strategic digital marketing efforts play a pivotal role in enhancing brand visibility and driving lead generation. It’s essential to maintain a regular presence across various digital channels to stay top-of-mind with the audience.
  • Audience-Centric Approach: Tailoring campaigns to meet the specific needs and preferences of the target audience is paramount for success in a competitive market. Understanding the audience’s demographics, behaviors, and preferences allows for more effective targeting and engagement


The collaboration between Mel Cieslik Photography and Results Media showcases the effectiveness of digital marketing in fostering growth and realizing concrete outcomes. Through strategic utilization of Facebook Ads and Google Ads, we successfully enhanced Sunday Feels’ online visibility, establishing them as a premier option in the realm of photography services.

Are you ready to transform your online presence and drive your business forward? Contact us today to explore how our digital marketing expertise can help you achieve remarkable results!

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