From Facebook To Google; How Recover Became the biggest Portable Icebath Online


Google Ads




577% More Organic Traffic
Backlinks Up To 160
552 of 815 Keywords Ranked Top 50

The Challenge

Our objective was to help Recover Ice Baths grow their business outside of using Social Media platforms like Meta and Tik Tok for reliable client acquistion.

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The Solution

Our strategy focused on firstly helping Sam run a Google Search campaign:

Our Bullet Proof Google Ads Copy...

We consulted Sam the co-founder of Recover Ice-baths and we recommended that he considered 3 main things:

  1. Promoting himself as Australia’s #1 Ice-bath company. He already was close to first to market and seen on sites like the AFL, UFC and TODAY.
  2. 50% OFF SALE – this was essential for the Google Ad. If you compare the other ads to this, the Recover Ice Bath looks like the most attractive website to click on. Everybody loves a “good deal” in Australia. It makes the ad stand out compared to the rest.
  3. From $149.95 – you want people to know how much it is going to cost before they click on an ad. This is essential to save your “cost per click” – we optimised this.
  4. Meta Description – you want to add all your selling points in there. “affordable”, “free-shipping”, “privacy”. These are all the selling points – again if you compare this to other ads’; it’s a lot more of an attractive offer.

Long Term Game.. SEO

Because Recover saw so much success through paid search; where a lot of their customers were searching terms like “potable ice baths”.

They knew there was a better way to score new customers.. and for a lot cheaper; rather than “paying per click”.

Keyword Plan

The most important aspect of an SEO campaign is the keyword plan:

1) What keywords are profitable from a Google Paid Search campaign – include these in your SEO.

2) What are your competitors ranking for?

Here is the Recover Plan:

Onsite Content:

We added fully SEO optimised content to the target landing pages. 

As you can see, the SEO content is hidden in a “readmore” tab for aesthetics purposes. There is about 750 words of content that Google will find and rank.

Outreach Campaign

We provide Recove with monthly “guest posts” that link back to their website.

The Results

Our objective, of course, was to increase the number of visitors to our client’s website. We were able to successfully drive a significant boost in traffic to their website.

Organic Keywords Trend

The overall growth in keyword rankings points to successful optimization efforts, likely resulting in increased organic traffic and better search engine visibility.

  • Top 3 Keywords: Doubling the number of keywords in the top 3 positions indicates a significant improvement in search visibility and relevance, leading to potentially higher click-through rates (CTR) and more organic traffic.

  • 4-10 Position Keywords: The rise in keywords ranking between positions 4-10 suggests a broader reach in search engine results, enhancing overall site visibility.

  • Total Keywords: Almost doubling the total number of ranked keywords reflects a substantial expansion in the website’s search engine presence, likely driven by improved content strategy, SEO practices, and possibly increased domain authority.


Through targeted Paid & SEO strategies, we significantly enhanced Recovers online presence and search engine rankings. Our efforts yielded impressive results, including a notable increase in the number of keywords ranking in top positions and a substantial boost in organic traffic.


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