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Rya Photography specializes in creating captivating portraits that showcase the distinct personality and beauty of every subject. Whether it’s a family portrait, senior photoshoot, or individual session, my goal is to craft stunning images that leave a lasting impression. With a keen eye for detail and a genuine love for the art of photography, I strive to deliver exceptional results that exceed expectations.

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Client Background

Rya Photography is a boutique photography studio based in Melbourne, Australia, founded by Sash, a passionate and experienced photographer with over 15 years of expertise. Specializing in capturing stunning portraits and love stories, Rya Photography is dedicated to immortalizing precious moments with sensitivity and artistry. With a focus on outdoor shoots and natural landscapes, Rya Photography crafts timeless images that reflect the unique essence of each individual and couple. From romantic engagement sessions to intimate family portraits, Rya Photography offers personalized and professional services tailored to clients’ preferences and visions. With a commitment to excellence and a keen eye for detail, Rya Photography transforms ordinary moments into extraordinary memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Problem Statement

Amidst a competitive industry, Rya Photography encounters obstacles despite its commitment to excellence. Securing a consistent stream of clientele proves challenging. To distinguish itself, Rya Photography seeks innovative strategies and enhanced marketing approaches. Its objectives include enhancing online visibility, driving more traffic to its website, and augmenting bookings. Through fostering connections with customers and cultivating robust relationships, Rya Photography aspires to foster client loyalty and emerge as a premier photography option.

Solution Provided

  • Google Ads campaigns focusing on keywords related to Rya Phtotography’s core services, ensuring visibility among users seeking premium photography experiences.

Implementation Process

A/B Testing

Conducted A/B tests to refine ad copy, imagery, and call-to-actions (CTAs), ensuring the highest engagement and conversion rates.

Retargeting Strategies

Implemented sophisticated retargeting campaigns to capture the interest of website visitors who did not initially book, encouraging them to revisit and schedule a session.

Landing Pages

  • https://offer.ryaphotography.com/


Offer ads on Google Ads provide discounts or promotions to attract new customers, boost sales, and increase brand awareness. They’re cost-effective, measurable, and can drive both online and in-store traffic effectively.

30% Discount on Premium Package

Google Ads

In our Google Ads strategy for Rya Photography, we focus on the crucial aspect of keyword selection. We emphasize the careful curation of keywords to ensure the effective placement of their ads. Our approach involves choosing impactful keywords that strike a balance between broad exposure and specificity, aiming for optimal visibility and conversion rates. This part of our case study underscores the importance of precise keyword selection in driving relevant traffic and capturing leads. It highlights the meticulousness of our advertising efforts and their impact on achieving desired outcomes.

Some keywords used:

  • “wedding photography melbourne”
  • “event photos”
  • “business photographer”
  • [event photographer melbourne]
  • [best wedding photographers near me]
  • “corporate photography”
  • [event photography]

Results Achieved

In just a few short months, our focused digital marketing efforts have taken Rya Photography to new levels of success. We strategically leveraged Google Ads as our primary marketing channel. This approach enabled us to precisely target our audience and optimize our campaigns for maximum impact. 

I. The generation of 359 leads via Google Ads alone

Lessons Learned

Setting up Google Ads campaigns strategically has the potential to deliver substantial outcomes in enhancing brand visibility and generating leads. By directing attention to the particular requirements and preferences of the target audience, we optimized the efficacy of our Google Ads. This method guaranteed that our campaigns struck a chord with the audience, enabling us to distinguish ourselves in a competitive landscape and accomplish marketing goals with precision.


The partnership between Rya Photography and Results Media exemplifies the power of digital marketing in driving growth and achieving tangible results. By strategically leveraging Google Ads, we significantly boosted Rya Photography’s online presence, positioning them as a leading choice in the photography industry.

Are you ready to transform your online presence and drive your business forward? Contact us today to explore how our digital marketing expertise can help you achieve remarkable results!

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